Valentine's Day 2018 / Love Wallpaper #3 Hearts (Kick and Crown Molding in White Wood)

zaterdag, februari 24, 2018 - 14:55



I started creating carpets and wallpapers prior to Valentine's Day 2018. I was still pregnant at the time. And before I could finish and upload all the carpets and wallpapers, I gave birth to my third son Levi. I was due on my birthday (which is on Feb 10), and gave birth the day after. So you can probably imagine I was busy with the baby.

Fortunately there are also plain carpets, plain walls, striped walls. And the heart designs are still nice to use outside of Valentine's Day. So now I've finally finished them I decided to upload them, even though Valentine's Day was a week ago.

I initially created 20 colour optiions, but added 10 more colours this week because I felt there were some colours missing (like a caramel brown and grey).

This is the hearts wallpaper. There are 30 colour options, and it matches with all the other Valentine's Day 2018 themed items.

To get these wallpapers in your game, download the ZIP file, and extract it into the Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.

Feel free to share screenshots with me (tag me!) on Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. I love seeing how people use my custom content! ♥


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