Chat with Lucy Bradshaw on September 2nd at 3pm PST.

dinsdag, augustus 31, 2004 - 23:00

Thanks to everyone that showed up! For those of you who missed it, the transcripts have been posted in the Chat area.

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MaxisKane (Sep 2, 2004 6:04:22 PM)
Hello and Welcome to The Sims 2 chat! We have Maxis Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw and Sims Creative Director Charles London here with us here today to talk about The Sims 2.

MaxisKane (Sep 2, 2004 6:07:53 PM)
Hi folks, we're just getting started here. Keep the questions coming

Luthorius (Sep 2, 2004 6:08:27 PM)
Will the load time for the game be faster than that of TS1?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:08:28 PM)
Yes the load times are kind of depends on how big the house is an dhow many objects but they are faster

cecee (Sep 2, 2004 6:08:49 PM)
Will the sims age even without have a birthday party?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:08:49 PM)
Yes they do. You can turn aging off with a cheat though

MaxisDano (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:27 PM)
Hey all, Charles is having some issues..

KAPAYA (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:28 PM)
can sims actually tan?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:28 PM)
No they don't tan but there are several different skin tones and you can make custom skin tones

MaxisKane (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:37 PM)
We're having technical difficulties. Charles and Lucy will be on in a second.

parrot (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:54 PM)
was it fun building the sims2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:09:54 PM)
It was a blast building the Sims2

nicky (Sep 2, 2004 6:10:24 PM)
wiil you be able to place objects sideways?please anwser

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:10:24 PM)
You can place them and rotate them but no, you can't place them on diagonals.

Keymasterkel69 (Sep 2, 2004 6:10:53 PM)
Is there a limit on how many times one sim can use the Elixir of life?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:10:53 PM)
No, there is no limit other than time itself and you can only use it when you are in Platinum

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:11:34 PM)
How do you know if kid sims have homework?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:11:34 PM)
They bring their homework home with them and it will be in the house. You can click on it and it will show you when you finish it.

MaxisShorty (Sep 2, 2004 6:12:09 PM)
All questions are moderated, so if you don't see your questions, that doesn't mean that we don't see it as well

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:12:20 PM)
Hello, Lucy. I was wondering, I know that aspirations are everyone's favorite part of the sims 2, but what are your favorite wants and fears?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:12:20 PM)
I love the one when you want to see someone dead if they are enemies and I love the want a grandchild.

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:12:52 PM)
MaxisCharles is trying to get back into the chat room - he'll be back soon.

LisVender (Sep 2, 2004 6:13:17 PM)
Hello Ms. Bradshaw! Can you describe some of the new 3D camera controls and how they work?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:13:17 PM)
The cameras are so cool

LisVender (Sep 2, 2004 6:13:57 PM)
Hello Ms. Bradshaw! Can you describe some of the new 3D camera controls and how they work?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:13:58 PM)
sorry, hit return to quick. you can set cameras in the house using shift and num bers 4 -9 and you can use tab to be put in simcam

Fishun4 (Sep 2, 2004 6:14:31 PM)
What are some cute interactions between parents and toddlers?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:14:31 PM)
Teaching them to walk, to use the potty seat, to talk...they are really cute, also they toss them in the air and sometimes, if they just ate, this can end upin a mess

karen198916 (Sep 2, 2004 6:15:00 PM)
Will there be laundy in the sims2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:15:00 PM)
well, you can change into different outfits but in the world of the sims, all clothes stay ever clean:)

FlaviusJulius (Sep 2, 2004 6:15:43 PM)
So how are you feeling today Lucy? Exciting about potential future Sims fan story creations created with The Sims 2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:15:43 PM)
I feel great, thanks for asking! I've been using the Movie Making feature and having a blast with it and I can't wait to see what players do with both this and the albums and blogs

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:16:19 PM)
i have a question lucy. i know that you can upload neighboorhoods and towns that you make in the simscity 4 into the game, but can you make neighboorhoods and towns just using the game???

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:16:19 PM)
We shippped the game with a bunch of neighborhood forms ready to use, or you can hook up with some SC4 players and get them to make you forms. It is pretty cool

Erin9112001 (Sep 2, 2004 6:16:48 PM)
Hey Maxis Lucy! Will chubby sims have chubby children or will they be born fit?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:16:49 PM)
we gave the kids the benefit of the doubt and they don't get fat unless they eat poorly

electribird (Sep 2, 2004 6:17:38 PM)
Hi, I'm a big fan of yours! Do you think the sims will be able to have wings and capes in the next EP and if so, will they be able to fly or at least levitate if you wish?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:17:38 PM)
We've got some pretty cool work oufits for some of the carreer tracks, I expect we'll see custom content creators expanding on those once the game is out, so I bet you'll see capes etc.

karen198916 (Sep 2, 2004 6:17:47 PM)
How dose it feel to be part of a fabulas game that went GOLD?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:17:48 PM)
Utterly AWESOME!

Sims2 (Sep 2, 2004 6:18:20 PM)
If sims are afraid of dieing will they die faster?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:18:20 PM)
Nope, but it is something that you might see in their fear panel. Or they may also fear a loved one dying.

Chinoash (Sep 2, 2004 6:18:48 PM)
What other types of foods besides the ones shown in screenshots are there to eat?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:18:48 PM)
A bunch. Lobster Thermador, Baked Alaska, Mac & Cheese

ali3321 (Sep 2, 2004 6:19:29 PM)
Wats the most common diese people die of?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:19:29 PM)
Well, the flu mainly or or eating bad food

ConradSims2 (Sep 2, 2004 6:20:01 PM)
Hey there Lucy! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Its MIDNIGHT in South Africa and I need this question answered please! Can Fire spread through rooms? Burn Walls? The Roof?

MaxisCharles (Sep 2, 2004 6:20:01 PM)
Hey, this is Charles. Fire spreads very easily through the house, but the walls and the roof themselves don't burn. We've got good sheetrock contractors...

Dollie (Sep 2, 2004 6:20:31 PM)
Will there be a soundtrack released with the game? I've become obsessed with Eeyooma mana moki vop (what does that mean anyhow?)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:20:32 PM)
We are thinking about it.

FlaviusJulius (Sep 2, 2004 6:21:48 PM)
Can aliens implant their Sim-alien hybrids into women as well as men?

MaxisCharles (Sep 2, 2004 6:21:48 PM)
Due to the particulars of how the aliens use the Y chromosomes to piggyback certain traits, only Sim men are vulnerable to their schemes....

Sim Guy (Sep 2, 2004 6:21:53 PM)
Will you still need friends to improve your careers?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:21:54 PM)
Yup, they always help but there are many ways to succeed in the careers, what with career reward objects

Sunbonnet (Sep 2, 2004 6:22:20 PM)
Can you adopt a child and then find out your Sim is pregnant?

MaxisCharles (Sep 2, 2004 6:22:20 PM)
Sure, just like in real life.

JuniperSun (Sep 2, 2004 6:22:28 PM)
What is is like to work at Maxis?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:22:29 PM)
Fun, lot's of smart people here and that makes things exciting. very creative job which also helps

Sim-Freak (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:10 PM)
will there be a ts2 dvd edition in the UK?! IF so: Will the DVD version be released in the UK at the same time as the CD version? If not, will we be getting the DVD version at all? If we are, when? In not ... why not?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:10 PM)
Yes, there will be eventually, but not right at the September ship date, sorry.

poisonedkandy (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:11 PM)
Does your sim need a certian aspiration to have a fear of being cheated on? Or is it just a random fear that is generated when they are going steady or married to somebody?

MaxisCharles (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:11 PM)
The Family Sims are really the ones who have these fears. Making sure their home life is stable is a big deal for them.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:24 PM)
If you have a baby and you turn the age thing off will the baby stay a baby or will it grow into a toddler ?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:24 PM)
The baby will stay a baby

tfm (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:46 PM)
could you please tell us more about importing sim city 4 terrain in to the sims2...for example what will go with the terrain?trees? roads?avenues? ect

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:23:47 PM)
terrain, roads only, bridges, hills

pontopt (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:15 PM)
Why the DVD version of The Sims 2 isn't coming to Europe?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:15 PM)
It will be, just will be a bit later. Very sorry.

nkb (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:30 PM)
Lucy im glad you were let out

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:30 PM)
me too!

Sim Guy (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:31 PM)
Can stairs have curve in them?

MaxisCharles (Sep 2, 2004 6:24:32 PM)
Not yet, but we're always planning new stair designs. Stay tuned.

poisonedkandy (Sep 2, 2004 6:25:12 PM)
Does your sim need a certian aspiration to have a fear of being cheated on? Or is it just a random fear that is generated when they are going steady or married to somebody?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:25:12 PM)
This one happens mostly due to aspiration but also due to relationship, events in their lives and their age

SimsFreak1446 (Sep 2, 2004 6:25:50 PM)
will it be easier to create custom clothes in TS2 versus body shop?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:25:51 PM)
There are a bunch more assets to create content from, so in this way, yes, it will be easier.

Elphaba (Sep 2, 2004 6:26:34 PM)
can we make different neighborhoods aside from the three that ship with the game if we don't have sim city 4? like if we dont want to customize terrain, we just want to make a new neighborhood?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:26:34 PM)
Yes, because we ship the game with a whole bunch of pre-made land forms that you can use if you want to make your own neighborhood. and then you can decorate your neighborhood too, withi things like boats, balloons etc.

NCrabs (Sep 2, 2004 6:26:58 PM)
Will you include new Body Types (Extra large, very skinny...etc) in future expansions?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:26:59 PM)
would like to, we are thinking of stuff along these lines.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:27:34 PM)
will there be toys and objects that the little kids (babies and todlers) can only use?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:27:34 PM)
Yes, there are, there is a toy chest that has some of them, there is a toy stove and a xylophone too, if they don't have any toys, well, let's just say they can get very resourceful.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:27:56 PM)
Any secrets that you haven't spilled that you wish to spill?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:27:56 PM)
Watch out if you have sloppy sims leaving lots of plates around outside that collect flies;)

Emella333 (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:09 PM)
Can you turn off the aging so that your kids stop growing up, so like you have a toddler and two teens and they stay that way for as long you want?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:09 PM)
Yup, there is a cheat that allows you to do that.

ali3321 (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:24 PM)
When you invite people over for a wedding/party can they ever rufuse to come or will they be guarenteed to come over to celebrate?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:25 PM)
There is a chance that some of them will not come over.

newbiw3 (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:43 PM)
if the sims retire and get their pension, is it a set amount or determined due to the job they did?

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:43 PM)
It's set by the job they got and their performance

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:53 PM)
when the baby is just born, does the mother have to work, or is there a babysitter?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:28:53 PM)
You can hire a Nanny for a short period or for a regular work shift.

_DaRockWiLdeR_ (Sep 2, 2004 6:29:40 PM)
In an interview on gamespot you say that it has always been fun working on the game - is there something extra funny that happened and you would like to share with fans?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:29:40 PM)
So many things....Just goofy stuff like I shared in the bloopers make any day funny. And, boy, do these things like to happen right when you have to do a demo for sr. execs!

simzfreak (Sep 2, 2004 6:29:50 PM)
how does the inheritance feature work?

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 6:29:50 PM)
When a Sim dies of old age, the Sims who have good relationships with them get some money. The better the relationship, and the higher the Aspiration Score of the Sim who passed away, the more money gets awarded.

Diela1 (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:06 PM)
What exactly caused the smoke to come out of the guys pants on the bloopers reel? LOL I just can't think of a reason for that

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:07 PM)
The effects system got the wrong position for the effect to play, and that happened to be the result on that day! Ooof:)

hollzbabie (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:28 PM)
hey when sims get divorced then remarried would the kids have step brothers and stepsisters, and ect.? will they know who there real parents from their step parents?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:28 PM)
They do retain their relationships and you do see them in teh family tree. It is pretty cool

JNCL250 (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:36 PM)
Are you able to play windows on a dianonal wall,?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:36 PM)

nærd (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:49 PM)
can a family take all their stuff and move in to the grandparents so that they will inherit all their stuff when they die?

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 6:30:49 PM)
When a family moves out of a house, all the stuff they have is converted to money.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:31:06 PM)
Hi, Lucy, I want to know if you start out with $20, 000 like in the the first game or have you all increased the amount of money?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:31:06 PM)
You still start with 20K, but get some wants and use them to get a money tree and you'll be making more money quickly!

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:31:41 PM)
If a sim goes into labor do other sims run into the room immediately?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:31:41 PM)
Yes, if they are close enough to hear

boines (Sep 2, 2004 6:32:16 PM)
Will there be a MaxisTeam skin to download for SimDay? I want all of you Happy

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:32:17 PM)
Nope, but do check out the Custom Content Browser in the game right away, we do have stuff for you, not our skins but good things.

sims 2sf (Sep 2, 2004 6:32:47 PM)
Can some sims pee in the shower because i was reading something it saidthat the bladder level went down?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:32:47 PM)
Yup, sloppy Sims have been known to do that.

Elphaba (Sep 2, 2004 6:33:19 PM)
is there a gold aspiration level that comes before platinum?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:33:19 PM)
Yes, there is and at Gold you can begin to use the reward objects without potential of failure

ladymega22 (Sep 2, 2004 6:33:26 PM)
can toddlerss or kids become ghosts?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:33:27 PM)

Tycoonster1234 (Sep 2, 2004 6:34:08 PM)
will the game work ok on minimum system specs, or will it be real slow? please answer!

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:34:08 PM)
We made sure it runs at a great framerate, you won't have all the bells and whistles of the graphics but it runs great and looks really good

simmerpaige (Sep 2, 2004 6:34:52 PM)
do you play the sims 2 every night?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:34:52 PM)
I've been having fun making movies. I ceratinly have played for the past ohhhhh, well......year:)

bucan (Sep 2, 2004 6:35:23 PM)
Will the version of body shop you have available for download on the site be shipped with the game? If not will we get a program where we can make custom content?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:35:23 PM)
The game ships with the body shop and the cool thing is now you can modify any of the content we ship with the game. Gives you many more possibliities.

OrangeJello607 (Sep 2, 2004 6:35:33 PM)
What is Platinum?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:35:33 PM)
The top Aspiration level.

relle (Sep 2, 2004 6:35:39 PM)
who is the little boy in the goth family

ProjectEva (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:01 PM)
Is there a way for two same sex sims to have a child that shares their DNA? (Not phisically of course =) but logistically in the game)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:02 PM)
Yeah, you can but it is a bit of a round about way. Make a man and a woman in CAS, make a baby, then edit one of the adults and change their gender before you go to the hood, round about but possible.

something (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:11 PM)
Hey! Can you "ground" or "punish" your sim children?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:11 PM)

snailbombing (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:29 PM)
Is it guaranteed that a male Sim will become pregnant during an abduction, or is it random?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:37:29 PM)
Pretty much happens if they abducted. Aliens like Sims.

LisVender (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:12 PM)
I like the concept of player awareness. What sorts of events inspire the Sims to sneak a look at the camera?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:12 PM)
This is mostly due to their personality...outgoing Sims seem to like to keep track of their player.

JadeInsane (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:24 PM)
Can you have two roof styles on one house and are there A framed style roofs?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:24 PM)
Yes. and no.

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:26 PM)
We are having some technical difficulties today - that's why it's slow.

ka2290 (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:43 PM)
can the kids get into other fights with the other kids like throwing fists

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:38:43 PM)
Kids can fight.

rjgdyofdk (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:26 PM)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:26 PM)
I was hoping one of you could tell me:)

Lonelia (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:41 PM)
Who is MaxisCharles?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:42 PM)
He is a designer on the game

kellc15 (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
Will family members be able to affect other family member's want even though they 're not living in the same house. For example, if a mom wants to see her daughter get married, will that want be fullfilled?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:39:54 PM)
Yes, they can .

Emella333 (Sep 2, 2004 6:40:40 PM)
Lucy! What is your favorite part of the sims?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:40:40 PM)
Don't know, I like the Alien babies, I like playing families thru generations, I love building, I like the custom content you gusy are making and I like making movies.

nkb (Sep 2, 2004 6:40:59 PM)
what is the fear that shows a car with an x through it?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:40:59 PM)
Missing your car pool

adorkable (Sep 2, 2004 6:41:25 PM)
Will all first kisses belike the two people floating in the air like in one of the videos?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:41:25 PM)
That only happens for the first kiss....ergo first kiss:)

adorkable (Sep 2, 2004 6:41:50 PM)
Were you guys aware that the 17th is a jewish holiday and there will be no school? Were you planning to make us play all Friday and all weekend?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:41:50 PM)
Charles knew that!

**danielle** (Sep 2, 2004 6:42:11 PM)
Hey Lucy and other Maxis staff. Can kids make thier own cereal, pop tarts, soup, sandwhiches, or other small meals OTHER than just snacks? Thanks!!

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:42:11 PM)
Teens, Adults and Elders are the only ones who can cook

adorkable (Sep 2, 2004 6:42:35 PM)
How did you guyz make the feud between the Capps and Montys?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:42:35 PM)
We set up their relationships and gave them memories of one another....they really don't like one another!

Avandrie (Sep 2, 2004 6:43:07 PM)
Blooper Question: The guy with the feet through his chest, what in the world were they trying to do that they ended up THAT way?? What a riot to see these. :o)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:43:07 PM)
Well, you know about routing right, this was a very bad path that the girl sim chose.

LisVender (Sep 2, 2004 6:43:51 PM)
I've read about the high level of realism in the game (real chess games, cordless phones with pageable handsets). Can you give another example of this sort of detail?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:43:51 PM)
The Chess they play are actual chess moves! The food in the fridge, the fish in the tank, the hands on the clocks move and tell the right time.

slayersimsbrian (Sep 2, 2004 6:44:31 PM)
In movie maker mode, can you function it like a real camera? I mean, zooming-in, paning-in, into a important scene or event like a real movie or television show to make it it seem like a movie or T.V. show?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:44:31 PM)
You get all the control of those cameras, so zoom and scroll and rotate, yes.

HawaiianGinger33 (Sep 2, 2004 6:45:04 PM)
We already know that memories can affect sims. So if I create an adult sim in CAS, will it have random memories or not at all?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:45:04 PM)
It will have basic memories, but not ones that take the player to have had happen.

Avandrie (Sep 2, 2004 6:45:33 PM)
As September 17th gets closer, will you guys be putting out more content and goodies more frequently? I always hop on the computer after I get home to see what's new.

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:45:33 PM)
Well, please do check out the in game browser on your first day, you'll see that we have been busy.

LeaveMeAlone (Sep 2, 2004 6:46:05 PM)
When babies throw up on their parents, how do the parents clean themselves up?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:46:06 PM)
They just wipe it off, but then eventually they do need to take a shower or they tend to stink

Emella333 (Sep 2, 2004 6:46:58 PM)
What did you all do when you heard the sims 2 went gold?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:46:59 PM)
Well, we have these cool nurflike finger darts...there were a lot of those going around, we tagged our schedule wall and I think there were enough WAHOOO emails to sink our mail server:)

chutch66 (Sep 2, 2004 6:47:49 PM)
Are you still planning on releasing tools to help fans create their own walls, floors and objects? If yes, then can you say now when we can expect to see the release of these types of tools and what can we expect first? Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with all of us.

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:47:49 PM)
Yes, we'll be moving on to that now that we have the game out....

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:48:04 PM)
what happened to Bella?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:48:04 PM)
That is a mystery.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:48:22 PM)
WOuld WIndows Media Maker be fine for creating movies in TS2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:48:22 PM)
Yup, any off the shelf movie maker.

nemi (Sep 2, 2004 6:49:22 PM)
Lucy , which aspiration have you found most difficult to achieve success in thus far? And which do you find the most fun?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:49:22 PM)
A single sim starting alone and as a family sim is pretty tough. The ones I like the most are family and popularity. but then romance is pretty fun, they just get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:50:06 PM)
SO LUCY!! They said skill points can be learned as young as at the toddler age. Are there special objects for toddlers to use to build skills?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:50:07 PM)
Yup, the toddler toys help them gain skills and then when they are children the adults teens and elders can teach them using the career reward objects and they will gain skills faster.

Sim Guy (Sep 2, 2004 6:50:40 PM)
Can Sims have horror channels and what channels do they have in The Sims 2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:50:40 PM)
Yum Channel, Station Dance, News etc.

SimMajorFan#1 (Sep 2, 2004 6:50:59 PM)
Can other ages throw up,not just the baby stage?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:51:00 PM)
Yup, all sims can is equal opportunity:)

Avandrie (Sep 2, 2004 6:51:17 PM)
Are there still bills to pay? Can we pay them online? Or are they auto-deducted from our $$$

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:51:17 PM)
Yup there are still bills

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:52:04 PM)
Hey, everyone, Charles was having trouble with the Chat tool, but he's here next to me helping me answer questions

Bri5002 (Sep 2, 2004 6:52:42 PM)
Maxis Lucky What is your job at maxis?

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 6:52:42 PM)
I'm the manager of the websites.

Ender (Sep 2, 2004 6:52:47 PM)
Hey Lucy, have you ever gotten emotional over the death of a Sim that you've made and "raised" from birth?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:52:47 PM)
Yes! It is pretty dramatic. I did try to plead for their life and was so sad.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:53:35 PM)
will you be able to put special effects into your movies trough The Sims 2 or will we have to use a seperate program

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:53:35 PM)
Yes, you can even from the game, we left some effects like letterbox and vignette in there for you to use, and then you can add them using the editors

Sim Guy (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:04 PM)
Can Sims move in there beds while they are sleeping, instead of just sleeping straight in The Sims 1?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:04 PM)
Yes, and they even have nightmares and good dreams too.

nærd (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:12 PM)
Are there several different maids, firemen, policemen etc?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:13 PM)

Sim Guy (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:34 PM)
Can Sims dye there hair?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:54:34 PM)
You can change their appearance at any time in the game using the mirrors.

inj88 (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:02 PM)
are you proud of what you've achieved in the sims 2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:02 PM)
Yeah, I'm very, very proud of this team....I think the game is gorgeous and the play really, really feels so fun.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:13 PM)
Can your sims marry several sims, not just 1?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:13 PM)
Not at the same time.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:50 PM)
Good evening Lucy. 2 questions. 1) what happens during a nervous breakdown, and if youlose total control of your sim, what do you do for a 1 sim family? 2)What are the different behaviors of the different colored ghosts(P.S., guessing that a red ghost is a person who burned to death)?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:55:50 PM)
They are only out of it for a brief moment since we send in an imaginary Shrink to take care of things...and you are correct, very good!

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:56:24 PM)
---TY Maxis crew, we are very excited!---Question: can parts of skin tops or bottoms be changed? For example can different shoe styles be used for the same bottom?---

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:56:24 PM)
You can change just the shoes texture and have a couple copies of that bottom around.

illias4878 (Sep 2, 2004 6:56:53 PM)
[DIVORCE]can you give us more details on what happens to the kids after a divorce?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:56:53 PM)
They stick around iwth one of the parents, but their family tree continues to build with their birth parents identified.

chsdynmogurl (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:15 PM)
If you make a sim with one hair color and change it later with the mirror, is the first color still the one in the genes?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:15 PM)
Yes, it is.

Poog (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:37 PM)
did they feed you in there?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:37 PM)
yeah, they did, but mostly greasy icky stuff

KAPAYA (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:55 PM)
Can you refuse help from Shrink?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:57:56 PM)
Nope, they are pretty insistant

pianoman (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:16 PM)
can the sims order in any other food other then pizza and the catering guy?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:16 PM)
They can order groceries online.

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:37 PM)
How does a teen sim sneak out????

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:37 PM)
They call their friends and can set it up in advance.

incufan (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:57 PM)
if a man is having an affair with the pizza girl does that mean every time he wants to see he he has to order a pizza

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:58:57 PM)
No, he can actually call her, without having to eat the pizza!

zeppythedragon (Sep 2, 2004 6:59:18 PM)
Do sims grieve when another sim dies or is it like TS1 where they only grieve when they see the urn?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:59:18 PM)
Yes, they do, they have other lasting effects for lots of events that happen in teh world.

pheobes044 (Sep 2, 2004 6:59:56 PM)
why was it decided to put fears into the sims2?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 6:59:56 PM)
Sims are just more emotional and this gave the player a way to experience that more impactfully.

SimsFreak1446 (Sep 2, 2004 7:00:35 PM)
How much money can you get from harvesting a money tree?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:00:35 PM)
The fun part is that you can lots of money trees. I've seen a household with a gajillon of these....well maybe not a gajillion

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 7:01:09 PM)
Will there be a feature/cheat to set one member of a family to a high autonomy level and then another member to a low autonomy level?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:01:10 PM)
No, but they take such better care of themselves anyways.

MaxisKane (Sep 2, 2004 7:01:27 PM)
The chat will end in a few minutes.

NappyNapperton (Sep 2, 2004 7:01:34 PM)
Is your job hard?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:01:34 PM)
Yes, it is really, really hard. I like it a lot.

*_*Shaqeel*_* (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:06 PM)
Maxis Charles - My mum is a house design freak what are some special design features she can look forward to?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:06 PM)
different roof types, outside elevated decks, in ground hot tubs, two story windows

Ringo_dog (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:25 PM)
Can Sims die of food poisoning? Like the person who prepared the meal has no cooking point.

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:25 PM)

Guest (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:35 PM)
are we going to be able to change the colour of the objects right in the game?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:35 PM)
Yes, you can.

drgamez (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:44 PM)
what's up with sponge bathing?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:02:44 PM)
Isn't it kind of funny.

sims_chick (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:24 PM)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:24 PM)

mouse22580 (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:41 PM)
(CAS) can CAS custom content be used in the actual game

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:41 PM)
Yes, you can.

sims_chick (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:47 PM)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:47 PM)

pontopt (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:56 PM)
Why does MaxisKane, MaxisKitty, MaxisLucky and MaxisShorty have an avatar with the OLD logo of The Sims 2???

MaxisLucky (Sep 2, 2004 7:03:56 PM)
Just haven't gotten around to updating it yet. Thanks for the reminder!

Enjoji (Sep 2, 2004 7:04:03 PM)
Hey Lucy & Charles, can you please answer? Can Teens live on their own or must an Adult live with them??

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:04:03 PM)
Teens can head a household if the adults move out or die.

DngosAteYourBaby (Sep 2, 2004 7:04:46 PM)

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:04:46 PM)
It is pretty low and yes, it is genetically higher probability.

Sims_Lover_12 (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:02 PM)
Where Is MaxisNeil?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:02 PM)
Locked up.

MaxisKane (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:15 PM)
Thanks Lucy and Charles for joining us today!

shny120 (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:16 PM)
Do you all have to have a stiff drink or two before/after chat?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:16 PM)

AlchemistX (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:24 PM)
MaxisLucy, do you know Will Wright personally?

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:24 PM)
YES, he is great.

MaxisLucy (Sep 2, 2004 7:05:40 PM)
Bye you guys....Can't wait to see what you do with the game!!!



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