3 feb 2015 - 23:10

4 Februari 2000. Waar was jij? #CelebrateTheSims

Ik weet het eerlijk gezegd niet meer. Waarschijnlijk op school? Ik zat toen nog op de middelbare school. :P

3 feb 2015 - 20:40

What are you doing Nad? Just here...chilling with the party gnomes...

SimGuruRusskii heeft deze foto getweet van haar Sim en een aantal feestkabouters! Fijne 15e verjaardag De Sims!

3 feb 2015 - 19:32

Ontdek de geschiedenis van jouw Sims familie - Genealogie nu beschikbaar in De Sims 4:


2 feb 2015 - 23:59

The Sims 4 on Mac

We weten al een tijdje dat De Sims 4 ook uit zou komen op de Mac. We wisten alleen niet precies wanneer. Nou. Het Sims team heeft de officiële datum voor ons Mac users aangekondigd hoor! 17 februari 2015 is de datum waarop we De Sims 4 kunnen gaan spelen onder OSX!

Mensen die de game al op de PC hebben aangeschaft hoeven het niet opnieuw te kopen. Log gewoon in met je Origin account onder OSX, en dan zou je de optie moeten krijgen om het spel te downloaden (wel pas vanaf 17 februari natuurlijk).

Dit betekent dat ik eindelijk weer eens gewoon onder OSX kan inloggen om De Sims 4 te spelen. xD

2 feb 2015 - 23:32

The Sims 4 Life

15 years – we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. #CelebrateTheSims

Dat geloof je toch eigenlijk niet? De Sims is alweer 15 jaar oud dit jaar! Dat is best wel grappig. Ik was namelijk 15 toen de oorspronkelijke The Sims uitkwam. Ik kan bijna niet geloven dat ik al de helft van mijn leven verslaafd ben aan deze game. (L)

14 jan 2015 - 23:11

Some very early concept art for Granite Falls

SimGuruSarah heeft deze mooie concept arts gepost van Granite Falls, de wereld die in het In de Natuur game pack zit!

13 jan 2015 - 23:25

In de Natuur is nu uit!

13 jan 2015 - 22:53

Release Notes for 01/13/2015, Version

Happy New Year Simmers!

It’s January, a new year has begun. There’s still a sun and moon in the sky, the rain falls, steam rises, and Plumbobs rotate – there must be a patch!

We had a few important fixes ready to roll to address some big community concerns, primarily the inability to load into a lot from a pre-existing save game, as well as a performance issue with large My Library trays that could cause the game to fail to load, and we wanted to get these fixes out to you! In addition to few others that we have at the ready.

Thank you again for all your feedback and help, we are humbled by your commitment and diligence.


Crash / Performance

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in our players being unable to load their household after installing the 12/16 patch, and instead being bounced back to the neighborhood map. The community was very helpful in identifying this issue (providing feedback and save files), thank you!
  • Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive on load if the player had a large number of households, rooms, and lots in their My Library sort.


  • Sim fertility levels had reached an all-time high recently, and twins were popping out all over! Our specialists have examined the issue, and administered a correction to the abundant babies. Sims should no longer find they are having twins (or triplets) at an alarming rate.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented career progress from properly tracking the Sims skill progression towards career goals.
  • Working out on workout equipment will no longer count towards the play chess daily goal for the Astronaut career.
  • We fixed an issue that was a result of this: let’s say you had a Sim, we’ll call him Joe, and he lived in a household, say the Smiths, and you uploaded Joe, also known as Joe Smith, to the Gallery, and then you decided to add Joe to the Jones’ household by downloading him from the Gallery, thus now creating Joe Jones, and then you edited Joe Jones in Create a Sim, this would also modify Joe Smith.
  • The "In Need of a Break" buff is no longer in need of a break, and now correctly displays its information in the hover tip.
  • Zest Johnny will henceforth be known as… Johnny Zest!
  • Fixed an issue that could result in “bad things” when attempting to merge a Sim from the gallery into a household that already has a copy of that Sim in it.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in “bad things” when attempting to merge a household from the gallery into a household that already has a copy of that household in it.
  • We however failed to fix the repetitive nature of some of our release notes.
  • The Venue Wall Speaker: Spooky has made a return to the catalog after spending some time on the ‘other side’ to re-spookify itself.
  • Lots placed from the gallery that have used the move objects cheat will no longer delete their moo’d objects when the lot is placed.
  • The National Park venue now has tuning associated with it… so Sims who show up will know they can leave, rather than lingering around indefinitely, wandering aimlessly with no apparent purpose, direction, or desire (they could have at least played music…).
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the user from uploading multiple rooms to the gallery if the rooms were uploaded consecutively.

UI / Text

  • Fixed an interface focus issue where the eyedropper tooltip was preventing the eyedropper from properly functioning.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a modal window on top of an open inventory stack, which would cause the stack to fail to correctly display.
    • Modal window is a piece of UI that requires input before the player can return to normal gameplay.
    • UI is an abbreviation for User Interface.
    • User is another name for the player, the individual for whom the software was intended.
    • Software, as opposed to hardware, is the set of instructions that direct a computer to perform specific operations.
  • Text will no longer overlap itself in the phone menu if the text string is too long.
  • You can once again add a description to your Rooms and Lots that you upload to the gallery, rather than using the comment field… which was ingenious!
  • You will no longer be told twice that you can take Family Leave if there is more than one eligible Sim.

Thank you for all your feedback, keep it coming!


23 dec 2014 - 22:41

Happy Simsmas van de Sims Studio!

1 dec 2014 - 23:56

We hebben net een nieuwe versie van de Graphics Rules Maker uitgebracht. Deze heeft betere ondersteuning voor Windows Vista/7/8, een SimCity 4 plugin en een Nederlandse vertaling.

Download 'm nu!




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