Simpedia: The Sims 4: Décor To The Max Kit


Elevate any basic living room to instantly inspirational with the expressive, eclectic pieces in The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit. Bold, bright decor takes center stage in this collection, making it easy to lean into maximalism design principles with a little bit of everything.



  • Have It All: Play with patterns and let colors collide with mix-and-match furniture in a variety of styles. Layer in contrasting and complementary details like new wallpapers and rugs to coordinate over-the-top looks that build a busy but beautiful atmosphere.
  • Try All Three: Combine elements featuring Regency, Chinoiserie and Abstract Modern aesthetics with a plethora of prints, shapes and colors. Delve into self-expression by getting surreal with gilded pastel tones, geometric patterns and intimate textures.
21 mrt 2022