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Stardew Valley

My first chicken in my current save game is called Chickenses hahaha. 😂 I'm sure my Minecraft buddies would be proud.

Stardew Valley

Have you heard? Multiplayer/co-op beta is here! Go check out the official blog to see how you can get it to work! It's currently only available to Steam and GOG users though. I've been playing co-op with Seth and it is awesome. ♥

Stardew Valley

Really loving the co-op/multiplayer mode in #StardewValley! Been playing it yesterday with my eldest son and I fell in love with Stardew Valley all over again. 😍

Stardew Valley 1.1 Launch Trailer

De nieuwe Stardew Valley is er! En dit is er allemaal veranderd:

Stardew Valley v1.1 – Changelog

The 1.1 update adds many new features to the game:

ConcernedApe heeft weer een update gepost over versie 1.1!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a wild weekend for me. I had a booth at PAX West… my first time ever going to a convention, let alone exhibiting at one! It was really amazing to meet so many people who appreciate Stardew Valley. The vast number of positive interactions I had is hard for me to comprehend, and when I start to think about it I get really emotional. I am very grateful to have met you all.

Some highlights of the convention:

ConcernedApe heeft een update gepost over Stardew Valley versie 1.1! Ik ben erg blij met het nieuws over Shane en Emily. :D



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