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Create your own Living Park Filled with Wildlife, Plants & People

SimPark is the only game where kids create and run their own flowering, buzzing, chirping, roaring park. Your young rangers choose from a forest full of plants and animals to fill their living and evolving ecosystems. Kids can add picnic tables and slides to attract humans. But watch out - humans aren't the tidiest animals around. You'll see that as kids' parks stir with life, their interest in nature blossoms.

  • Teaches kids about North American plants, animals and ecosystems
  • Enhances critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Shows how the food web is critical for species survival
  • Lets kids create a new living park - with new challenges - every time

Choose from a variety of 132 plants and animals from major regions of North America to place in your nature park. Add carousels, hot dog stands and many other fun structures. Then watch as people come and play in your urban park.
Use SimPark's electronic Field Guide for a handy, at-a-glance profile of each species, complete with authentic sounds. With the unique Identa-Species feature, kids learn to look at the attributes of plants and animals to identify them in the game - and in real life.

Release Dates

31 okt 1996



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