Simpedia: The Sims 2 Pets


Give your Sim a playful pal in the Sims 2 Pets! Adopt a puppy, teach it tricks, feed, clean, and walk it in this great Sims game. Use your Simoleons to buy pet toys and accessories. Be sure your Sim monitors and cares for the new furry friend. A neglected puppy can shred papers, devour houseplants, soil the carpet, and make your Sim's life miserable. But a well-trained puppy will delight your Sim with surprising and amusing antics. Happier Sims benefit from increased earnings and improved status in the Sims mobile world you know and love.



Features may vary by handset:

  • Create a Sim - customize your Sim's appearance and name
  • Adopt a Puppy - choose the breed, coat options and name your pet
  • Take care of your puppy - watching over the following needs:
    • Hunger
    • Bladder
    • Energy
    • Fun
    • Hygiene
  • Teach your puppy tricks like Sit, Speak, Roll-Over, and Dance!
  • Play with your puppy at home or at the park
  • Includes breeds such as Labrador, Chihuahua, Pug**, Mutt**, Whippet** and a Robot Dog**
  • Complete goals for rewards
  • Spend Simoleons on toys, accessories, and more at the Pet Shop

** Features found on 3D versions only. Check with your operator for availability.

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