The Sims: Het Rijke Leven - Nieuws

Electronic Arts komt in de feestmaand met een speciale Collector's Edition van The Sims!

De Collector's Edition zal bestaan uit de volgende packs: The Sims Triple de Luxe , Hot date , Super Star, Beestenboel en Abacadabra.

Maak je eigen Sims verzameling of die van een ander compleet met deze unieke box!

De box kost 99,95 euro en is vanaf 12 december verkrijgbaar!

The Sims

It's the ultimate compilation of the top-selling PC franchise of all time. The Sims Mega Deluxe combines the original #1 PC game, The Sims, with three of its popular expansion packs: The Sims Livin' Large, The Sims House Party, and The Sims Hot Date.

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Tomorrow, we are announcing that The Sims™ Double Deluxe will be available this September. This ultimate compilation will include The Sims™, The Sims™ Livin. Large, and The Sims™ House Party all in one value-packed product. Bonus content will also be a part of this must-have collection including dozens of new walls, floors, and objects in African and Asian design themes. For all current Sims players, this bonus material will be available to download right here! Each week we will feature a download, so stay tuned for further information.

Are you getting tired of those pesky roaches? Well we have a patch for Livin' Large that just might slow those buggers down. Note: House Party users do not need to download this patch the fix is included in House Party.

Go to Game Patches, or click below for an extended list of game patches for The Sims Livin' Large!

The Sims Funhouse

Come on over to the Sims Funhouse! We've got funny videos, web cams and silly games for you!

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There's an interesting take on the Sims Livin' Large expansion pack on Check it out!

Go To Livin' Large Review, or click read more below to read the review and see all the screenshots on our website.

ESCmag's reviewer got a real kick out of Livin' Large. "The new items are very well designed, and the Grim Reaper alone is worth the price of admission." Check it out!

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We've got a fun new way to handle that clown who just won't leave. Stop by our Get Cool Stuff area and download the Clown Catchers!

Clown Catchers
When all else fails, these experts can take care of your little "clown problem" in a friendly, professional manner.
Download Clown Catchers (1.3 Mb)

After enjoying the best crop of contestants we've seen in a long time, our chief judge has rendered her final decision. Come see the best of the new Livin' Large houses!

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Because of the heavy traffic preventing some people from uploading to the Exchange, we're extending the contest entry deadline. Get those entries in by Sunday night -- we're going to choose the winner next SimDay!

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