Simpedia: The Sims: Triple Expansion, volume two

Three Hit Expansion Packs!

The Sims Triple Expansion Collection Volume 2 contains three previously released expansions: Hot Date, Vacation, and Makin' Magic.

Play Matchmaker To Your Sims!

Send your Sims out of the house to the new downtown area for a candelit dinner or cruise the strip looking for true love.

The Sims Are On Vacation!

You choose whether they'll spend the weekend at a beach resort, rough it in the woods, or chill out in a winter wonderland.

Beware. Your Sims Have Magic!

Cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbor into a frog. Watch out - spells can go haywire if you're not careful! The neighborhood will never be the same.

425+ New Items

Over 425 items to furnish your home and make your Sims happy!

Internationale namen

  • Amerikaans: The Sims: Expansion Three Pack, volume two / The Sims: Expansion 3 Pack, volume 2
  • Brits: The Sims: Triple Expansion Collection, volume two / The Sims: Triple Expansion Collection, volume 2
  • Nederlands: The Sims: Triple Expansion, deel 2
  • Fins: The Sims: Triplepack, volume 2
  • Pools: The Sims: Zestaw Trzech Dodatków, Część 2 / The Sims: Zestaw 3 Dodatków, Część 2.

Release Dates

Releasedatum VS: 
1 nov 2005
Releasedatum EU: 
3 nov 2005
Releasedatum VK: 
4 nov 2005




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