Simpedia: The Sims: Party Pack (Mac)

Zoals vaak het geval is, zijn er conflicten als het op de titels aankomt van bepaalde Sims games. Er is ook een andere The Sims: Party Pack. Die versie is voor de PC en bevat het basisspel The Sims en uitbreidingspakket The Sims: Party, en is alleen in Europa uitgebracht. Deze pagina gaat echter over The Sims: Party Pack voor de Mac. En qua inhoud en de doos komt het overeen met The Sims: Mega Deluxe. Maar The Sims: Mega Deluxe is alleen in de VS uitgebracht en The Sims: Party Pack is in zowel de VS als Europa uitgebracht.

Four popular Sim games in one!

Create and control people in this ultimate compilation.

In The Sims, create a one-room bachelor pad or a 40-room mansion with easy-to-use house design tools. Choose from hundreds of items to keep your Sims happy, including swimming pools, giant-screen TVs, and even a hot tub!

With The Sims: Livin' Large put your Sims into the most outrageous situations imaginable. With a wide range of wild and crazy objects, careers, and building styles, add even more zaniness to your Sims' lives.

In The Sims: House Party make The Sims one big party! From luaus to raves, host parties that will drive the neighborhood crazy! Build the ultimate theme party with unique party items, party with cool new characters and mix and mingle your Sims in new group activities. Rock the house!

The Sims Hot Date you can play matchmaker to your Sims! Wine and dine or crash and burn! See how well you can play Don Juan with your Sims. With brand new characters to meet and date, over 40 new one-on-one interactions and over 125 new items, the stage is set for the ultimate romantic interlude!


  • Over 600 items to furnish your home and make your Sims happy!
  • Choose a career for your Sims, an astronaut, an award-winning actor, or even an international spy.
  • Build a tacky little loveshack, a creepy castle, or a high-tech "home of the future."
  • Rock the house with a variety of music and dance styles.
  • Enjoy a passionate picnic in the park or try your luck on the cuddle couch.

Release Dates

Releasedatum Mac: 
30 aug 2004




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