Neighborhoods: Old Town

dinsdag, oktober 1, 2002 - 22:00

This neighbourhood was added with The Sims: Unleashed. With 8 community lots, 6 empty lots, as well as 12 unoccupied pre-built homes and 5 occupied homes with 5 new families (and a total of 20 playable Sims and pets).

Gunther Goth Sr
Cornelia Goth Sr
Menelaus Goth Sr
Hecuba Goth Sr
Claire Charming
Luna Charming
Ginia Kat
Waggles Kat
Boots Kat
Scout Kat
Maggie Kat
Brad Burb
Tiffany Burb
Johnny Burb
Tucker Burb
Mama Hick
Elden Hick
Bobo Hick
Duke Hick
Leroy Hick


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