Producer Blog: African Animals and their Surroundings

donderdag, november 12, 2009 - 22:10

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SimAnimals AfricaHello there! It's Veronica again, here to talk to you a bit more about SimAnimals Africa.

Africa is known for the diversity of its animal life! Some are GIANT, some are fierce predators, and others are herbivores with dizzying striped coats. As crazy as it might seem, each of the animals' traits serves a purpose and is suited to the environments the animals live in. Let's take a look at the animals from SimAnimals Africa and see how they thrive within each of their environments.

Zebras, gazelles, and lions make their homes in the vast savannah. The tall grass of the savannah hides stalking lions, while it also provides a favorite food source for zebras and gazelles. In a chase, the zebra's crazy stripe patterns confuse the lion-some even say the stripes may look like savannah grass to a colorblind lion. All of these animals like to live in groups, so the open space of the savannah is perfect for them.

Elephants and giraffes also live in the savannah. These giant animals are ... well ... giant! And with their extra-large size comes a giant belly. With that in mind, they need to be in lush lands full of grass, leaves, fruit-you name it. They also require a large quantity of water-and not just to drink! A good swim in the deepest, coolest rivers makes them the happiest of animals.

The abundant river deltas are a great place to find hippos and crocs. While these two animals are graceful and quick in the water, on land they're a bit of a mess! Keep an eye out for them in flowing waters and pools. Because crocodiles don't have the speed to pursue their prey on land, they rely on the element of surprise to hunt, so murky waters and muddy banks are not safe places for zebras or gazelles (some of the croc's favorite foods!).

Rhinoceroses also appreciate muddy areas near watering holes, so if you see them near the dry, dry desert, be sure to help them out! Though rhinos may look menacing, really that's just how nature made them. Their rough skin helps protect against bugs and other yuckies.

In the thriving jungle highlands of Africa, you can find the majestic gorilla. Up in the foggy mountains, they feel safe from outside threats. They're very social like you and me, so if you see gorillas near some old ruins, make an extra effort to become accepted by them. Perhaps they will help unveil the secrets of an amazingly beautiful world!



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