Producer Blog: Leave No Stone Unturned

donderdag, oktober 8, 2009 - 23:00

New producer blog!

SimAnimals AfricaHey, everybody! Matt Yang here again to tell you some more about SimAnimals Africa for the Nintendo DS!

One of the most interesting things about Africa is that the whole continent is teeming with life. Not just the big animals I mentioned before, but a huge variety of tiny critters as well. In SimAnimals Africa, you'll be able to find and collect all manner of bugs, butterflies, and fish!

If you pick up a tree or log, you might see a little beetle scurry away. Or, try shaking some grass or a flower and a butterfly might appear and flutter around. Grab them quickly and they'll be added to your collection. There are unique bugs and butterflies in every area of the savannah, so you'll have to keep a sharp eye out to find them all!

You might also notice fish swimming around in the lakes and rivers in the savannah. You can collect these, too! Quickly grab them before they disappear and they'll be added to your collection. Careful though, they can be quite slippery! J

Also, as you're venturing through Africa, you might see a weird looking object. That's a Rare Food! Not only can you collect them, but you can feed them to your animals and see what happens. There's even a Rare Food that changes the color of an animal!

If you collect a bunch of one type of Rare Foods, you'll be rewarded with a special object! These are very powerful objects that can really help you and your animals. So keep collecting and get all the rewards!



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