Players Take Over The Sims Online

donderdag, januari 9, 2003 - 22:30

New Features Coming to Enhance the Experience.

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Players Take Over The Sims Online

New Features Coming to Enhance the Experience

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., January 8, 2003 – Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) today announced that in just two weeks, The Sims Online™ has become an immense, unpredictable and ever-changing world. Tens of thousands of players are meeting, falling in love, building businesses and entertaining each other in unique and unexpected ways. As The Sims Online evolves and expands, players can look forward to new and exciting features that will catapult their creativity and elevate their game experience to a whole new level.

“Since The Sims Online launched, players have created a world beyond our wildest expectations,” said Luc Barthelet, General Manager of EA’s Maxis Studio.

Recent User Stories from The Sims Online

  • Sim Shanda Leer, on the advice of her roommate, took a job on an assembly line at a gnome factory in Calvin’s Creek. She hoped to use her earnings to open her own public swimming club. To her surprise, she found love on the line with a fellow Sim worker. Can synchronized swimming be next?
  • Sim Charlie Westin created a burgeoning business in Test Center City, the River Café and Inn. Charlie was one of the first to capitalize in The Sims Online by offering French/American fast food fusion in a Parisian themed atmosphere. Other than fairly dividing tips among his staff, Charlie’s main challenge has been getting Chef Dan to show up for work.
  • Sims players have also taken to the airwaves and established Radio Alphaville and The Creek. These user-created Internet radio stations are broadcasting to the Sim citizens of Calvin’s Creek and Alphaville. Station content includes the usual radio fare along with breaking news, talk, upcoming events and ads for in-game businesses.

“By continuing to deliver new and exciting content, we will provide our users with an ever expanding set of tools to continue to create their world,” said Chris Trottier, Designer.

Upcoming Features to The Sims Online

  • New objects are right around the corner in The Sims Online. Musically minded Sims can look forward to the Band Object. Sim band members can take to the stage and jam on a guitar, drum, keyboard, and trumpet and earn money in this team based memory game. Maybe now Sim Charlie could offer entertainment at his inn? Casino objects will also soon be available for Sims who want to press their luck. Sims will be able to run a casino or just win big with roulette, blackjack, video poker and slots.
  • Secure trading and sales are an upcoming feature to the economy of The Sims Online. Currently players can select from the extensive variety of objects in the in-game catalogue. Shortly, players will be able to buy, sell and trade objects with one another. Savvy Sim traders and bargain hunters can take advantage of this marketplace option to make or save a few Simoleons in this stable trading environment. Sim Shanda could surely make a quick buck off her gnomes.
  • An important factor in the success of The Sims™ franchise has been the wealth of user-created content. Hundreds of thousands of fan-created objects and Sim looks and outfits are available on the web to enhance the players’ in-game experience. Soon, players will be able to create and introduce customized content into the online world of The Sims. This addition will exponentially increase the depth and breadth of experience in The Sims Online.

The Sims Online is a massive virtual world created and populated by thousands of players from around the world. In this never-ending alternative reality players can be themselves or “Be Somebody. Else™.”

The Sims Online carries a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 with the first month being free. A credit card is required to register and play along with purchase of a packaged game. An Internet connection is also required. The Sims Online carries an ESRB rating of “T” for teen. It is available in stores now for a suggested retail price of US $49.99 or by direct order from the EA StoreSM at or by calling 877-EA GAMES (1- 877- 324-2637.

Important information on The Sims Online including terms of service and game availability can be found at

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