SC-CIA Taps Game Whiz For Fashion Tips

woensdag, september 29, 1999 - 23:00

By B.S. Battle.
Walnut Creek (SimCity newswire) - The Sim City Central Intelligence Agency said Wednesday it had set up a fashion company headed by a computer-game artist to help speed up its development of state-of-the-art disguises.
The venture capital company, called Qool Qlothes, takes its name from "Q," the Ian Fleming-created master gadgeteer who supplied the fictional James Bond with lethal clothing and cars.
The company was formed to ensure the SC-CIA a pipeline to the best video game art talent to solve the most pressing fashion problems, said William Wallow, the agency's chief spokesman.
Qool Qlothes will invest in start-ups or partner with companies like MAXIS to help solve the spy agency's suit and skirt processing needs, said Gilman Gaggula, the 39-year-old chief executive officer of the new company. "Our first job is to find out what cool skins exist today in The Sims," he said in a telephone interview. "We're going to create a baseline of today's best character skins."
He said the company aimed to solve SC-CIA problems in working with agents that really don't know how to dress themselves. Along the lines of a normal private sector video game model, this would create "shoes-off value" for those working with Qool Qlothes, who could then take attitudes back to market.
"Most of our agents just don't know how to dress cool or even naturally.", says Gaggula. "But after we sat them in front of The Sims game for a couple hours, and let them see the new skins and cars they could use, they, like, freaked out." Maxis has agreed to release a preview of some of the newest, secret in-game character skins created by Eric Chin and some of the cars The Sims will be able to take to work.

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