Gunther brought his family from the old country when his son, Mortimer, was just a lad. Having amassed quite a fortune, he is founding father of the neighborhood.

Menelaus has a lot on his mind, but doesn't feel like explaining it right now.

Leroy is a class clown with a sense of humour all his own. Playing "chase" is not his favourite activity.

Duke is well-known in the neighbourhood. Timid dogs walk on the other side of the street when he is near.

Bobo enjoys simple pleasures like digging holes and chasing his tail.

Elden is a hard worker and a mean pinball player. Not many people know he has a fondness for classical music.

Johnny thinks Tucker is the world's best dog! Tucker sometimes thinks he's a cat.

Johnny loves frogs, mud, and playing with friends. His least favorite subject in school is History.

Tired of the hectic pace of the city, Brad packed up the family and set out in search for peace and quiet. His interests include weeding, watering, and soup.

Scout enjoys eating, napping, and playing with friends.

Ginia thinks Waggles dreams of inventing a better mousetrap.



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