De Sims 2: Nachtleven - Nieuws

Add a Sims 2 Nightlife Yahoo! IMV to your messaging.

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Download the teen vampires Amelia and Bart, for a long night out that won't suck.

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We've released a patch update for the University and Nightlife Expansion packs. Use the patch for the latest released expansion pack you have installed.

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Bekijk de evolutie van een date in het Nachtleven uitbreidingspakket.

Hoor hoe Tim LeTourneau praat over Nachtleven in onze allereerste Sims 2 Podcast.

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Hey Folks,

Tomorrow The Sims 2 Nightlife officially starts to hit the shelves in North America. I know it's already out in some countries so some of you could be playing it right now. I hope you are having fun. I know we had a lot of fun making it.

"Regardless of social oddities, the guys that are working on The Sims 2 franchise have already demonstrated the know how to provide new personality to an already fun filled experience with University. Nightlife is no exception."

"It's a nice addition, especially for those that want to be able to get out on the town and experience more of the sim social life instead of the sim home life."

EA heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat De Sims 2 Nachtleven, het tweede uitbreidingspakket voor de veelvuldig geprezen PC game De Sims 2, onderweg is naar de winkels in de VS.

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We hebben een grote lading screenshots toegevoegd voor Nachtleven, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP en mobiel. Ga naar de About afdeling voor de nieuwste items van je favoriete game!

Massa screenshots!

"GameSpy hits the streets with some digital friends in EA's latest update to the Sims 2 world."

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