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Have you ever envied your own Sim before? It's the last day of the giveaway, join us in our thread "Have you ever envied your Sim?" for a chance to receive a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures.

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For a chance to receive a copy of Spore & Spore Galactic Adventures Expansion Pack, join us in our thread "Your First Sim on The Sims 3" on The Sims 3 site.

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Send your Sims to college in style with The Sims™ 2 University Life Collection and expand your Sims lives with three popular titles!

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Tame African Animals, Discover Their Secrets, & Control The Wild Kingdom!

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EA Benelux lanceert, een interactieve reis langs miljoenen door spelers ontworpen Spore objecten.

De website is ook in andere talen te bekijken. Het is niet dezelfde website als overigens. Deze website heeft niets met Robot Chicken te maken.

Take part in the first Community Showcase for The Sims 3: Good Vs. Evil! Whose side are you on?

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Chic and sleek but always keeping comfort in mind, the Ultra Lounge Sets update the jet set 70’s look for today. Strong lines, curves, and an eclectic mix of metals and woods are the hallmarks of this daring design.

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Bekijk de nieuwe angstaanjagende trailer van De Sims 3

Remember the Sims in Grant’s video? Now you can download the entire household along with their home for your game!

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The Sims 3

To celebrate the release of Spore's Expansion Pack, Spore Galactic Adventures, we wanted to give you guys a chance to get your very own copy!

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