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SimCity Producer's Kevin Hogan, Mike Cox, and Dr. Vu joined us to discuss SimCity. Go to to get the transcripts.

Get your questions answered about Makin’ Magic game play and what it’s really like to be a game tester by reading the transcripts.

It's posted here at, but have you seen it?

I can't get enough TV!

Get the third of four Makin' Magic desktop decorations.

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The Sims Makin' Magic

Glowing reviews of Makin' Magic abound in all the best game mags.

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Hello everyone.

It's that time again! Time to share with you what's happening with The Sims 2 this week. Can't believe we are at #9 already!

Learn more about Memories and Personalities in The Sims 2, thanks to the assets that we are sharing with you this week. You can view an exclusive video clip of our game demo featuring twin teen sisters and their mutual quest for a first kiss (and memory) with the cute boy from next door. The body language of both sisters is truly amazing and really conveys their different personality types:

A whopping 500 people were in attendance to hear what Luc had to say about Bella Goth and what the characters of Sims2 are like. For those who missed it, read the transcripts.

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Download this shelf to store your magical ingredients.

Download Magical Cabinet (823k)

Decorate your desktop with the second in the series of Makin' Magic wallpapers!

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The Sims Makin' Magic




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