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If you need help with Community Lots, rezoning, or pets, check out the Unleashed FAQ in the HELP section.

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Looking for some new pet skins? Download this pet skin pack and find the right pet for you.

Download Unleashed Pet Skins Pack 2 (468 Kb)

The Exchange is now open to download. Please make sure to read the updated download warning message before downloading items from the Exchange.

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“And Walton says without a hint of hesitation: "We fully expect this to be the most successful online game ever."

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“If you haven't experienced The Sims before, now's your chance. This bundle will provide you with plenty of gameplay and introduce you to the enjoyable addiction that The Sims can be.”

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“As an expansion pack, The Sims Unleashed is totally packed with new features that Sims fans will love, and if you like animals, you'll absolutely love it.”

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There are so many new things in "The Sims Unleashed" I could literally sit here all day and talk about it.

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We have posted 2 new articles from the SimCity 4 development team and 8 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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"With improved graphics, an intutive control scheme, a brand-new gameplay mode, and the ability to either compete against or play cooperatively with another player, The Sims for the PlayStation 2 is clearly much more than a simple console port of the PC game."

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Many of you have noticed that we recently closed the Exchange to support US-English only. We did this because of instability issues that could be caused by cross-downloading between languages, in order to protect you from losing your content and/or having to reinstall.

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