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We actually had the opportunity to visit with Maxis vice president Lucy Bradshaw earlier today, who explained that using different objects or gestures in certain combinations may yield "interesting" results that weren't intuitively obvious?

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"I just can't think of a single moment that has not been fun."

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Hear what Lucy Bradshaw has to say about a cool new feature we have added to The Sims 2, called "Sims Movie Making."

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A Sim with a high Aspiration score will not only have unique behaviors, other Sims will respond differently to them in certain cases and they will be able to use reward objects that help them on other fronts in the game.

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Thanks to everyone that showed up! For those of you who missed it, the transcripts have been posted in the Chat area.

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Get a preview of The Sims 2 DVD Edition. See interviews with Lucy Bradshaw, Tim LeTourneau, Matt Brown, Brian Deppiesse and Charles London.

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Thank You to everyone that showed up to our chat event. If you were unable to make it, we have posted the transcripts for you.

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Lucy Bradshaw explains what the development team has been working on, and she also gives us an introduction to some of the unique families that will ship with the game.

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Game reviewers were invited to EA last week for EA's Hot Summer Nights. See what they had to say after spending some time with The Sims 2 and don't miss the video interview with Lucy Bradshaw!

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DJ Lucy Bradshaw drops a little mp3 musical montage on you so you can get a feel for just what sort of sounds will be pumping out your speakers when you finally pop that Sims 2 cd in your computers cd tray.

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